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PT Mutiara Jaya Mandiri is a company engaged in the field of food
Processing milk fermented with the bacteria until we know today yoghurt,
Yoghurt is produced from fresh cow's milk cooked with sophisticated tools to get the quality and texture of a soft cow's milk until they become solid.
With proper processing of milk into yoghurt and then a less beneficial to health,
There are also the benefits of the yogurt itself one of which is to Stop Diarrhea in Children, basically Yoghurt has benefits for digestive health. Yoghurt also proved to be a substitute food for toddlers cow's milk allergy because of lactose intolerance. There was even an incident where after therapy yogurt for a few months, a child should consume soy milk before eventually recovered and "immune" to cow's milk. Indeed many benefits of yogurt are sure we have ever heard. But if we've heard this one? Yogurt or other probiotic products, is also believed to cure a bout of diarrhea in children! In a study conducted by German researchers in 2008, showed that probiotic therapy as early as possible in infants and toddlers with diarrhea. If not handled properly, diarrhea in children it can cause death. The German researchers specifically evaluate E. coli probiotic foods or EcN Nissle 1917, which is licensed in Europe to treat diseases related to the gut, since it was discovered in 1917. In fact, in the large intestine to stay around 500 types of microbes with 100 trillion bacteria in therein. There is a type of bacteria that "evil" such as E coli (which can cause diarrhea), and the type of bacteria that is "good" as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria that nourish our bodies. Both types of bacteria are "friendly" to humans is often used as a probiotic content